How To Quarantine With A Dog - What To Do If You Can’t Go Out?

How To Quarantine With A Dog - What To Do If You Can’t Go Out?

How To Quarantine With A Dog - What To Do If You Can’t Go Out?

The current situation and the necessary measures against the Coronavirus not only affect our daily lives, but also our pets, especially dogs. Quite a few dog owners are asking themselves: what do I do with the dog if I need to be quarantined? What if, due to regulations, the short laps around the block are canceled?

Behaviour when walking during a curfew period

Dogs are used to their regular walks, and they need them too. In particular, active breeds such as hunting, herding and sled dogs need a lot of exercise. As long as outdoor exercise is still permitted, there are no restrictions on walking the dog. However, you should pay attention to a few rules:

Social contact-free walk: walking dogs in larger groups is not permitted. Only people within the same household are allowed to go out together with their four-legged friends. Keep your distance from other walkers: make sure that you keep a minimum distance of two meters from other animal owners.

Avoid going for a walk during rush hour: there are times when it seems that almost everyone is out and about. Choose times of the day that are less busy as this is the best way to avoid meeting many other people and pets. The most popular times are in the morning after the first meal and in the evening after dinner.

The larger and more extensive the terrain, the less contact you have with other animal owners. This will not just protect you, but other people as well.

Dog care during quarantine

With a prescribed or voluntary quarantine you are much more restricted. While in quarantine, you need to stay on your property and in your apartment. Going for a walk with the dog, shopping and other errands must be taken over by a trusted person. However, your pets are not in quarantine; they can and must continue to get fresh air. There are a few options if you cannot walk your dog yourself:

Ask people who are close to you, who may already be doing your shopping, to take the dog for a walk. When handing over the leash, however, make sure that you avoid physical contact. It is best for the other person to put on disposable gloves and disinfect the leash beforehand. You can also tie the dog to the door handle with the leash and the other person will pick him up.

Maybe you have some good contacts in the neighbourhood and you can ask them for help. It is best to contact them over the phone and avoid personal contact.

Book a dog walking service: volunteer dog lovers offer their services on various online portals, from dog care and walking service to dog schools and dog training. Make sure that you contact verified dog walkers. Reviews also show whether a dog walker is trustworthy. You can also find out more via dog associations in your area, they usually know reliable dog walker services that are around.

With a garden, you have a clear advantage. Your dog can romp safely ourside and be in the fresh air at the same time. There are many ways to keep the dog busy in the garden, from agility to retrieving games to search games. But even in your own four walls there are plenty of simple tricks to exercise your dog, especially mentally. But note that these indoor games are not a substitute for daily walking. They are just an addition to keep the dog busy and encouraged.

As you can see, despite quarantine, there are plenty of opportunities to give your four-legged friend his necessary exercise. In our article 10 tips on how to keep your dog busy at home, we give you practical play and fun instructions on how to stage little indoor adventures.

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