The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Cats

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Cats

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Cats

Christmas gifts for your pets

Will your furry friend get a present for Christmas? For most pet owners, their dog or cat is more than a pet, but rather a family member and trusted companion, so it is understandable that gifts for dogs and cats also end up under the Christmas tree.

According to a nationwide Forsa survey on behalf of the industry association for pet supplies, more than every 30% of pet owners gift their pet something for Christmas.

“Pet owners are increasingly viewing their animals as family members or friends” says psychologist Andrea Beet from the industry association. The close social relationship between humans and pets is expressed through the gifts. Even if Christmas is a day like any other for your furry companion, it is a pleasure for us animal owners to express our appreciation.

The top 5 Christmas gifts for dogs and cats

What gifts do the pets get? First there are special treats, such as a fine ham bone from Italy for the dog or a “holiday menu” made from turkey and rabbit for the cat.

If you want to spoil your furry friend with something tasty for Christmas, animal-friendly treats are definitely the best solution. Even if many pet owners would like to share their Christmas menu with their darling, caution is advised. The spicy dishes are not good for dog and cat stomachs, and chocolate can even cause poisoning.

Toys are in second place among the top Christmas gifts for dogs and cats. Make sure that the toy is of high quality and really suitable for animals. The Animal Welfare Association warns against toys made of foam or Styrofoam, as there is a risk that your furry friend will choke on parts that have been bitten off.

Third place of the most popular Christmas gifts for animals is occupied by things to cuddle with, such as a blanket or a pillow. Other ideas include a new collar, a new leash or a very special dog bed. You could also give care products and clothing, such as a new winter coat.

But the best Christmas present? Time!

For many of us, Christmas means spending quality time with our family, friends and pets. Probably the most beautiful gift for your furry friend? A nice, long walk with your dog or an extended game with your cat.

We wish you a fun and relaxed holiday season with your pet!

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