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Your Stories - 'Joseph and Indigo'

"Despite the vets protestations that diet plays no active role in healing, only drugs, it seems intuitively obvious that if dogs cannot tolerate certain substances like raisins and chocolate that other forms of nutrition can have the opposite affect and be of huge benefit. Indigo was given a terminal diagnosis of 1 month. Amazingly however, by treating Indigo long term with your products she slowly made a miraculous recovery and it’s made it possible to reduce the suffering and greatly extend the life of my best friend.


I simply read everything on your website and I genuinely felt as though people behind Aniforte really care out of all the companies that I looked up I decided your products would help my dog the most and they have. My beautiful 10 year old black Labrador and best friend was supposed to die a year ago according to the vets.


All of your products are as natural as possible and, in a world full of low quality products with chemicals and preservatives, I’m especially very glad to see a return to high quality natural health and nutrition for animals as a marvellous alternative for which I’m very grateful."




 "One of my favourite pictures of Indigo"



"Indigo with her friends".



- Joseph and Indigo   

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