AniForte Slippery Elm Bark Powder - 100g

AniForte Slippery Elm Bark powder is a complementary feed for cats and dogs which helps alleviate stomach complaints. It is rich in mucilage and fibre, making it particularly suitable for dealing with stomach infections, irritations or issues of over-acidification.

Categories: Cats, Dogs

Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions

Benefits of AniForte Slippery Elm Bark: 

Alleviates common stomach complaints

Can support the treatment of skin diseases

High in fibre, calcium, sodium and numerous vitamins such as the vitamins A, B, C and K

How does AniForte Slippery Elm Bark work?

Slippery Elm Bark has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. It originates from the use by native American Indians. When taken as a feed supplement it works as an ‘internal bandage’, soothing inflammation and ulcers along your pet’s digestive tract. 


100% elm bark, gently dried and ground

Analytical Components: 

Crude protein 0.0%, crude fat 0.0%, crude fibre 47.0%, crude ash 0.0%


Dogs up to 10 kg: 5ml syrup twice a day

Dogs over 11 kg: 10ml syrup twice a day

Cats: 5ml syrup twice a day

Mix 4g (1 measuring spoon = 1g) AniForte Slippery Elm Bark powder into 250ml of cold water in a steel pan. Bring to the boil, then remove the pan from the heat and continue stirring until the powder has completely dissolved. Leave the syrup to cool.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.