AniForte Ectoprotex Cat - Spot On - 50ml

AniForte Ectoprotex Cat 50ml is a biocide that naturally targets fleas, ticks and other parasites. By providing a unique combination of essential oils and other ingredients, it offers an effective alternative to man-made insecticides that may have negative side-effects for your pet.

Categories: Cats

Benefits of AniForte Ectoprotex Cat:

 Effective natural protection from ticks, mites, fleas, etc. 

 All active ingredients are 100% natural 

 Efficient and long-lasting protection 

How does AniForte Ectoprotex Cat work?

AniForte Ectoprotex is a biocide that contains 100% natural ingredients which create a hostile environment for fleas, ticks and other parasites affecting your cat. 


Paraffin oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, geraniol 


Rub in 1 drop daily between the shoulder blades daily. Make sure the spot is out of reach of the cat’s mouth. A use of 1-3 times weekly is sufficient after the first 14 days.

Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.