AniForte Mite-STOP Spray - available in 3 sizes

AniForte Mite-STOP Spray is a 100% natural mite and insect repellent for dogs, and cats. It provides protection without exposing your pet to harmful toxins.

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Benefits of AniForte Mite-STOP Spray:

 Protects against mites and insects 

 100% natural so prevents exposure to harmful chemical toxins

Prevents skin problems caused by mites and hair lice

 Suitable for both young and older pets

How does AniForte Mite-STOP Spray work?

Mites and lice can cause skin problems in both younger and older pets. A weak immune system, seasonal malting, mineral deficiency or metabolism problems are common symptoms. AniForte Mite-STOP Spray contains a combination of oils that create an environment which is naturally repellent to mites and lice.


Aqua dem., eucalyptus citriodora oil, lemon oil, geraniol


Spray 1-2 times a day against the grain of the fur and, if applicable, rub into the affected skin areas.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.