AniForte Meat & Bone Meal - available in 2 sizes

AniForte Meat & Bone Meal is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats with increased calcium needs. In particular, pregnant or nursing dogs and cats and growing puppies as they all need more calcium than they would normally consume in their daily diet.

Categories: Dogs

Benefits of AniForte Meat & Bone Meal:

  100% natural ingredients

  Aids the development of pregnant dogs and cats, and growing puppies

How does AniForte Meat & Bone Meal work?

AniForte Meat & Bone Meal is finely ground, increasing the amount of nutrients absorbed by your pet’s body. Its consistency makes it easy to mix with food and its flavour is appealing to both dogs and cats.


100% beef bones

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 51.2%, crude fat 7.1%, crude ash 35.0%, moisture 4.1%, Calcium 14.8%, phosphor 7.15%, Amino acids 50,6g/100g


Simply mix AniForte Meat & Bone Meal into the food.

Dogs and cats per 3kg body weight: 2g in raw feed 1g in wet feed 0.5g in dry feed

During pregnancy: From the 30th day of pregnancy per 3kg body weight: 4g in raw feed 2g in wet feed 1g in dry feed

Lactating females per 3kg body weight: For 4 puppies - 2x daily requirement For 4-6 puppies - 4x daily requirement For 6 puppies - 5x daily requirement

(1 measuring spoon holds 2g.)

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.