AniForte Omega-3 Extract Powder -100g

AniForte Omega-3 Extract Powder is a 100% natural product for dogs and cats that derives its nutrients from fresh fish. Daily use can aid against nutritional deficiencies that can cause degenerative joint diseases. It also may have a positive impact on the immune and cardiovascular systems as well as on the condition of your pet's skin and coat. 

Categories: Cats, Dogs

Benefits of AniForte Omega-3 Extract Powder:

 Supports joint function and the immune and cardiovascular systems

 Sourced from white fish from certified fisheries in Norway

How does AniForte Omega-3 Extract Powder work?

AniForte Omega-3 Extract Powder contains 12 vitamins, 30 minerals and trace elements, Omega-3, Q-10 and essential amino acids. When added to your animal’s daily feed, Omega-3 fatty acids can have an anti-inflammatory effect against degenerative joint diseases and can support the immune and cardiovascular systems.


100% whitefish (cod, pollock, haddock), 0.5g/kg natural antioxidants (vitamin E)

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 66.0%, crude fat 6.0%, crude fibre 0.0%, crude ash 20.0%, calcium 7.460mg, phosphorus 3.700mg, iodine 0.8mg, taurine 0.6g


Simply mix AniForte Omega-3 Extract Powder into the feed.

Dogs per 10kg: 1g daily

Cats: 0.5g daily

(1 measuring spoon = to 2g)

If required, the recommended use can be slightly increased depending on the severity of symptoms.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.