AniForte Coconut Oil - available in 2 sizes

AniForte Coconut Oil is a complementary feed for dogs and cats. It is known as a healthy source of energy and has a repellent effect against insects like ticks and mosquitos. 

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Benefits of AniForte Coconut Oil:

 100% natural, free from artificial additives

 Healthy source of energy

 Naturally repels ticks and mosquitos 

 Manufactured from controlled farming, no industrial processing

How does AniForte Coconut Oil work?

AniForte Coconut Oil is a natural complementary feed for your dogs and cats. When added to your pet’s daily feed, it can naturally increase their energy, it can also be used after worm infestations and act as a repellent against insects. It is unrefined and still retains the strong taste and smell of fresh coconut.


100% natural coconut oil

Analytical Components:

Crude oil / fat 99.9%, moisture > 0.1%


For daily feeding:

Approx. 1g per 10 kg body weight

As a supplement for worm infestations:

1 standard tea-spoon (approx. 5g) per 10kg body weight for 1 week, followed by a 1-week break and then repeat for 1 week. In the event of a worm infestation, the coconut oil should be combined with other measures.

As insect repellent:

Apply the oil to legs, stomach, back, neck and head every two days.

Store in a cool, dry place asway from sunlight.