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best salmon oil for dogs

AniForte Premium Salmon Oil for Dogs, Cats & Horses: Pure Fish Oil Supplement

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  • 100% natural product for animals
  • 1000ml/ 1 L Premium-quality cold- pressed Pure Salmon Oil from Norway
  • Rich in vitamin D, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Supports a healthy and shiny coat. Also suitable for raw/ barf feeding
  • Vet checked. Light-protected packaging to ensure all nutrients are retained

AniForte® Omega 3 Salmon Oil Sea Power 1000 ml

Feed material for dogs, cats and horses

AniForte® Omega-3 Salmon Oil Sea Power is a natural, high-quality source of Omega-3 and EPA + DHA + ALA fatty acids. There are a number of unsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot produce by itself. These are therefore described as "essential" and should be provided to the body in sufficient quantities through food. Salmon oil can also be used as a supplement for promoting strong bones and a good constitution. Salmon oil may also promote a glossy coat, prevent hair loss, boost metabolism and stimulate growth. Salmon oil has also been shown to have a preventative effect against many heart diseases, as it may lower cholesterol and improve blood flow.

- Natural, high-quality source of Omega 3 and other fatty acids

- May promote strong bones, a good constitution, support a glossy coat and may prevent hair loss

- Salmon oil may also have a preventative effect against many heart diseases


Premium-quality cold-pressed Norwegian salmon oil.

Analytical components:

99.5% crude oils and fats

Feeding recommendations:

Salmon oil can be fed as a daily supplement in normal dog or cat food. Feeding recommendation:

Dogs per 10 kg: 5 ml

Cats: 5-8 drops

Horses and ponies per 100 kg: 10 ml


Shake well before use!

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Supplied with measuring aid in the bottleneck and practical measuring cup

Manufactured by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte UK


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