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Tick Shield 60 capsules (large dogs)

Tick Shield 60 capsules (large dogs)

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AniForte® Tick Shield 60 capsules
Complementary feed for dogs

- Acts as a natural shield against ticks 
- A healthy skin and a beautiful coat may also develop

AniForte® Tick Shield provides your dog with a special vitamin B complex. This acts as a natural shield for your pet's skin and coat, safely repelling ticks. The vitamin B complex also has health-promoting benefits. AniForte® Tick Shield changes the odour of your dog's fur in a natural way, which repels ticks. The smell is not perceptible to dogs and humans.

- Creates an environment on the skin and coat which is hostile to ticks in a natural way
- 60 capsules in a resealable tin for large dogs between 35 and 50kg

Feeding Recommendation:
Please feed one capsule daily (for long- Lasting protection).
The capsule can be given as a treat or added to the regular feed- ideally 1-3 hours before a walk. The capsules usually have a good acceptance rate and are also readily accepted by fussy eaters.

natural and balanced speciality yeasts bound to malt sprouts and brewer's grains

Analytical ingredients:
crude protein 46.0%, crude ash 7,0%, crude fat 3.0%, water max. 8%

AniForte® is a trademark of Görges Naturprodukte GmbH | Made in Germany

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