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At AniForte we are good humans. We care about the health and wellness of animals, and we care about the planet. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment - this is just a bit about how we play our role.


We understand our products offer great value to our customers' pets, but some of them get returned, are damaged, or are too close to the expiry date.

In such cases, instead of wasting the carefully proportioned natural ingredients these products contain, they are 'upcycled' through a bidding exercise in partnership with Paws Fur Thought. Members bid and pay a reduced fee for these products, and the money raised is donated to one of the following charities (a different charity every month):

MuffinPug Rescue (Registered Charity Number 1164018)
French Bulldog Saviours (Registered Charity Number 1163829)
Edward Bulldog Foundation (Registered Charity Number SC044288)
UK Boston Terriers (Registered Charity Number 1163435)
Brysons Animal Rescue (Registered Charity Number 227361)


We encourage waste reduction by minimizing printing where a virtual document will suffice, and our UK office provides us with recycling facilities.


Our office minimises the use of non-renewable energies by providing energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Eco-friendly Supplies

Our office uses sustainable products that are locally produced, recycled, renewable, certified and non-toxic.

Avoiding Flat-faced Dogs in Marketing or Advertising

Brachycephalic dogs (dogs with flat faces/short muzzles including Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs) have grown hugely in popularity and ownership over recent years, fuelled by their increased prominence in advertising and the wider-media.

These dogs are often considered to look appealing, cute or comic, but breeding primarily for their looks has led to health problems in a substantial proportion of these brachycephalic dogs. These problems include:

  • Breathing difficulties caused by anatomical defects in the upper airways
  • Recurring skin infections as a result of skin folds
  • Eye disease: corneal ulcers and infections
  • Inability to give birth naturally
  • Spinal and / or neurological problems

Whilst most owners have the wellbeing of their pet at heart, unfortunately many fail to recognise signs such as difficulty breathing as signs of poor health and welfare, with many considering these as “normal for the breed”. However, these problems have substantial welfare consequences for affected dogs, including inability to sleep, exercise or regulate body temperature properly. Reducing and ultimately eliminating these health problems is a goal shared by all those who care about the health and welfare of dogs, including the veterinary profession, welfare charities, breed clubs and both responsible breeders and owners.

Brachycephalic dog breeds are commonly used to market products and services. This only perpetuates the appeal and desirability of these breeds. Ethical advertisers and companies have an important role to play in promoting positive animal welfare and AniForte is also committed to reducing the inappropriate promotion of flat-faced breeds.