AniForte Hemp Oil

AniForte Hemp Oil is a complementary feed for dogs and cats. It is an easily digestible source of energy that may contribute to your pet’s performance and vitality, whilst also improving the condition of their skin and coat.

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Categories: Cats, Dogs

Benefits of AniForte Hemp Oil:

 100% natural, free from artificial additives

 Healthy source of energy

 Can relive dry skin and improve skin and coat condition

 Easy to digest

How does AniForte Hemp Oil work?

AniForte Hemp Oil is an easy to digest source of energy. The natural ingredients contained in hemp oil can improve skin and coat conditions, energy and performance. The product is also suitable for external use on dry skin.


99.9% hemp oil (from pure, brown hempseeds), cold-pressed according to food-grade quality standards

Analytical Components:

Crude oils and fats 99.9%


Dogs per 10 kg: 3ml daily

Cats: 0.5ml daily

Horse and ponies per 100kg: 10ml daily

The application should be doubled if the animal is shedding its hair. AniForte Hemp Oil can be added to the regular feed as a daily supplement.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.