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AniForte® Hemp Oil

AniForte® Hemp Oil

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AniForte®  Hemp Oil

Feed material for dogs and cats.  

AniForte® Hemp Oil is an easily digestible source of energy. Thanks to its natural ingredients, hemp oil contributes to performance and vitality. It can improve skin and coat conditions and it is also suitable for external use on dry skin.

AniForte® Hemp Oil is an important supplement for pets.

Very easy to digest
Supplement for the immune system

Composition: 99,9% hemp oil (from pure, brown hempseeds), cold-pressed according to food-grade quality standards

Analytical components: Crude oils & fats 99.9%

Feeding instructions:
Dogs per 10 kg: 2.5ml daily
Cats: 0.5ml daily

The application should be doubled if the animal is shedding its hair. The hemp oil can be added to the regular feed as a daily supplement.

Note: AniForte® Hemp Oil should always be used fresh and stored in a cool place.

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