AniForte Immune-Active - 250g

AniForte Immune-Active 250g is a complementary powder supplement for dogs and cats. The well-balanced formula of herbs may support the immune system and promote the body's own defences.

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Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions

Benefits of AniForte Immune-Active:

 May support the immune system

Contributes to your animal’s general condition

Can assist your pet in regaining vitality

How does AniForte Immune-Active work?

Various environmental factors such as stress, an unbalanced diet, toxins, age and illness can increase the need for nutrients to maintain your pet’s vitality. When added to their daily feed, Aniforte Immune-Active supports and boosts the immune system, helping them to become strong and resilient.


Barley grass, rosehip, brewer's yeast, sunhat root, spirulina, milk thistle, propolisot 

Analytical Components: 

Raw protein 23.5%, raw fat 3.5%, raw ash 6.5%, raw fibre 17.6%


The powder can easily be mixed into the daily feed. 

Dogs up to 20kg: 5g daily

Dogs over 21kg: 10g-15g daily

Cats: 5g daily

(1 measuring spoon equals 2g)

Store in a cool, dry place asway from sunlight.