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AniForte® Immune-Active

AniForte® Immune-Active

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AniForte®  Immune-Active - Natural defence for Dogs and Cats - 250g

Complementary feed for dogs and cats


Various environmental factors such as stress, unbalanced diet, toxins, age and illness, as well as other physical causes may require an increased need for nutrients to maintain vitality.

Here, the immune system plays an important role and prevents pathogens from penetrating. The defence system can only perform its task if it, itself, is strong and resilient.

AniForte® Immune Active supports the immune system of the animal in a completely natural way. The well-balanced formula of herbs can promote the body's own defences in a diet-related nutrients deficit.


    to support the immune system
    to promote the general condition
    to regain vitality


    Composition: Barley grass, rosehip, brewer's yeast, sunhat root, spirulina, milk thistle, propolisot

    Analytical components: Raw protein 23.5%, raw fat 3.5%, raw ash 6.5%, raw fibre 17.6%

    Feeding instructions: The powder can easily be mixed into the daily feed.
    Dogs up to 20kg: 5g daily
    Dogs over 21kg: 10g-15g daily
    Cats: 5g daily
    (1 measuring spoon equals 2g)

    Note: Store cool, dry and protected from light.

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