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AniForte® Squirrel Feeding House + 200 g Feed - AniForte UK
AniForte® Squirrel Feeding House + 200 g Feed - AniForte UK
AniForte® Squirrel Feeding House + 200 g Feed - AniForte UK
AniForte® Squirrel Feeding House + 200 g Feed - AniForte UK
AniForte® Squirrel Feeding House + 200 g Feed - AniForte UK

AniForte® Squirrel Feeding House + 200 g Feed

Squirrel Feeder for Garden and Balcony

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made of sustainable, robust wood

Weatherproof & durable

WITHOUT any pollutants

Support during feed-short months

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Squirrel Feeder for Garden and Balcony

Purchasing a squirrel feeder is a good idea to provide squirrels with enough food during the cold season. Conservation ecologists recommend garden owners to help squirrels through the winter that way. Even though squirrels are not an endangered species, they are frequently threatened by starvation during the winter months. If you want to buy a squirrel feeder, however, consider a few things first.

The squirrel feeder from our wild animal line "AniForte® Wild" offers the small rodents additional supply during the months when food is scarce. It is ideal for the garden, balcony or terrace. Nature lovers will enjoy the robust AniForte® Wild - Squirrel Feeder.

  • Squirrel feeding place made of sustainable, robust wood
  • FSC certified
  • Weatherproof & durable
  • Support during feed-short months
  • WITHOUT pollutants & no splinters

The high-quality squirrel feeding station is made from douglas fir, lime, birch and alder wood. The wood is FSC certified and originates from sustainable forestry. It is processed locally on site so that resources are conserved.

Our AniForte® Wild - squirrel feeder is an eye-catcher for humans and animals. For the sake of the animals and our environment, we only use natural wood without any chemical treatments.

The high-quality feeding place is equipped with plexiglass, so squirrels can quickly recognize the food and help themselves through the hinged lid. The feeding house invites you to observe the small rodents while they are getting their food.

Long Lasting Squirrel Feeder

AniForte® Wild stands for robust, high-quality wild animal products. When purchasing a squirrel feeding station, make sure you choose a weatherproof and waterproof product. We recommend buying unpainted wooden feeders, as wildlife houses and boxes made of plastic or painted/varnished wood contain pollutants and are harmful to the health of the squirrels and the environment.

Usage Notes

The bird feeder should be hung at a height of at least two meters to protect the animals from cats and other thieves. The higher the bird feeder is placed, the faster the animals can escape in case of danger.

Use the provided screws when hanging the product. The hinged lid makes it easy to clean and fill the squirrel feeding station. Our species-appropriate AniForte® squirrel food is ideal for feeding.

Please clean the feeder regularly to avoid mold growth. Line the bottom of the bird feeder with newspaper to make cleaning easier.

Note: The wood is untreated. For a long product life, we recommend treating the wood with a little linseed oil.

Measurements 160mm wide, 250mm high, 225 mm deep

Useful Information about Squirrel Feeders

Why it is important to offer a squirrel feeder
As urban life becomes more widespread, natural habitats for squirrels are diminishing. Mixed forests are cut down and often replaced by coniferous forests, leading to squirrels increasingly struggling with food shortages. They need to find alternative sources of food, which is why they are being pushed closer and closer to humans. Since squirrels are very adaptable, they can also get along with less than comfortable living conditions. However, food must not be missing. However, in the suburban gardens, the small rodents rarely find suitable feeding trees. Oak, beech or walnut trees take up too much space in gardens, which is why they are frequently taken down.

With a squirrel feeder you can offer the animals an additional source of food and thus support them, especially during the cold season. But summer feeding can also be very useful to meet the increased energy needs of pregnant and nursing squirrels. During the spring, young squirrels are in search of food. In addition to leaves and sprouts, they also need fruits and nuts. Since the tree fruit doesn't ripen until late summer, supplying a squirrel feeder is a great idea.

Properties for a Squirrel Feeder
Make sure that you provide the squirrels with a good model, shaped in such a way that rainwater can run off the roof and not get into the interior. However, you can never completely prevent moisture from accumulating, that's why regular cleaning is important to prevent mold from spreading. In addition, the squirrel feeder should have a spacious seat. This seat not only ensures that the squirrel can eat comfortably, but also gives the squirrel a good overview in all directions while eating, and predators can be spotted easily.

Ventilation, drainage, accessibility, health and safety are all important considerations. While ventilation keeps feed fresh, water drainage prevents mold growth. Good accessibility ensures that the squirrel can easily get to the food. Also, a feeder for squirrels must not have any sharp edges or gaps.

There is a wide range of squirrel feeders. Even if some models appear very pretty, they have rarely been checked for functionality. Often the rodents cannot get their food at all or the food spoils within a very short time. Even if a squirrel feeder looks solid, it can pose risks for the animals.

To keep the food dry, many manufacturers use silicone or strips to seal the squirrel feeder. However, sealing collects moisture in the interior. The feed begins to mold and the fungal spores settle in the cracks, rendering the squirrel feeder useless.

Also, avoid buying a squirrel feeder that is made out of extra thick wood where the lid gets too heavy for the animals to open. Pressure-treated wood may last a long time, but the contained chemicals are endangering the health of the squirrels. As soon as the nuts and fruit release their aroma into the wood, the squirrels start working on the wood of the feeder. When the animals gnaw on the wood, they absorb the toxic ingredients.

Attach and secure your squirrel feeder
The right place for a squirrel feeder is extremely important so that potential predators do not pose a threat. The higher you place the feeding station, the safer it is for the squirrels. However, cleaning and filling the bird feeder is becoming increasingly impractical. You can attach a squirrel feeder to a tall tree or on the balcony. If you'd like to attach it to a tree, attach it to the main trunk. The bird feeder must rest on a branch so that the animals can escape quickly.

If you want to mount the squirrel feeder on the balcony, choose a sheltered but easily visible spot. If the squirrel feeder is placed in an open area, the rodents will feel uncomfortable because there will be no shelter.

How you attract the squirrels
You will have to wait a little for the first rodents to appear in your garden. Squirrels need time before they discover the new food source. However, if you sprinkle some bird seed on the seat of the feeder, birds will soon help themselves and show the squirrels where the new food source is. Using their sense of smell, the squirrels quickly find out whether the food box is full or not. Clamp a nut between the lid and the plexiglass so the squirrel understands how the hinged lid can move. You'll be amazed how quickly squirrels learn to get their food.

Of course, the right food should not be missing. Squirrels are omnivores, which is why the small rodents do not only eat vegetarian food. Use nature as a guide when filling the bird feeder. The more natural the diet, the more comfortable the squirrels will feel. In spring you should mainly feed nuts and seeds without their shells. Only in autumn, when the young animals have grown, can you provide unshelled nuts. For a change, you can also offer the rodents dried bananas, apple chips, or raisins.


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