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BARF Line Meat & Bone Meal

BARF Line Meat & Bone Meal

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AniForte® BARF Line Meat and Bone Meal is a good supplement for pets that are deficient in calcium. In particular, growing puppies, and female dogs during pregnancy and cats require more calcium than they usually ingest on a daily basis. The same applies to dogs that don't like or are intolerant to bones, and to purely indoor cats that don't hunt. Wild cats and dogs get the calcium they need provided that they eat the entire prey, including bones. Bone meal is therefore the optimal natural supplement to everyday feeding.

AniForte® BARF Line Meat and Bone Meal is very finely ground, and therefore has a high level of bioavailability. Its consistency means that it can be mixed into food easily and its taste is usually well-received.

100% beef bone meal, calcium: 14.8%, phosphorous: 7.15%

Analytical components:
crude protein: 51.2%, crude fat: 7.1%, crude ash: 35%, moisture: 4.1%.

Feeding instructions:

Dogs & cats per 3kg body weight:

• 2g in raw feed
• 1g in wet feed
• 0.5g in dry feed

During pregnancy: From the 30th day of pregnancy per 3kg body weight:
• 4g in raw feed
• 2g in wet feed
• 1g in dry feed

Lactating females per 3kg body weight:
• for 4 puppies - 2x daily requirement
• for 4-6 puppies - 4x daily requirement
• for 6 puppies - 5x daily requirement

1 measuring spoon holds 2g.

Please note:
Pack includes practical measuring spoon.

Manufactured by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte UK

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