Bone Strength Egg Shell Powder (400g)

AniForte® Bone Strength acts as a natural source of calcium for raw feeding, especially to cover increased calcium needs of puppies in growth and bitches during pregnancy. The eggshell powder totally hygienic and salmonella free.

Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions

 formation and preservation of the skeleton

✔ during pregnancy and lactation

 100% natural with no artificial additives, extenders or other by-products

 High-quality ingredients


    How does AniForte® Bone Strength Supplement work?

    AniForte® Bone Strength is an excellent source of natural calcium. Puppies or pregnant bitches or lactating bitches need a calcium intake of up to 200mg / kg body mass per day.


    100% natural eggshell powder

    Analytical Components:

    Crude ash 96.0%, Calcium 37.1%


    The powder can simply be mixed under the food.

    Dogs per 10kg: 1.5g daily


    Cats: 0.5g daily


    (1 measuring spoon equals 3g)

    Please Note

    If you also feed your dog with bones, it is recommended to reduce the amount or to do without supplementation of AniForte® Bone Strength.

    Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.