AniForte Catnip

AniForte Catnip 20g is made from 100% natural catnip. It supports the play instinct of adult cats and provides them with a feeling of happiness and joy.

Categories: Cats

Benefits of AniForte Catnip:

 Provides your cat with a natural, fun distraction

How does AniForte Catnip work?

AniForte Catnip is easily applied your cat’s toys or scratching posts. The nepetalactone vapour given off by the catnip travels to a receptor above the palate in the roof of the cat’s mouth giving the animal a sense of enjoyment and playfulness.


100% pure, natural catnip


Rub AniForte Catnip gently in your hands to release the scent and then rub it on a toy. Ideal for rubbing on scratching posts.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.