Almost Perfect AniForte SlimVital – Weight Loss Supplement

Almost Perfect AniForte SlimVital 250g is a supplement for dogs which supports natural weight loss without compromising the supply of essential nutrients. The specially tailored blend of natural ingredients replaces part of your pet’s usual food, helping to reduce calorie intake.

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Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions

Benefits of AniForte SlimVital:

 Supports natural weight loss  

 Satiates appetite faster  

 Weight loss can improves your dog’s vitality and zest for life

How does AniForte SlimVital work?

AniForte SlimVital is a weight loss supplement made up by the unique, natural composition of psyllium husks and many valuable vitamins. The mixture substitutes part of your dog’s normal daily feed, effectively reducing calorie intake while keeping your pet satiated and full of energy.


Psyllium seed husk, brewer's yeast, barley grass, seaweed flour, acerola, acai, salmon meal 

Analytical Components: 

Crude protein 7.8%, crude fat 0.23%, crude fibre 4.9%, crude ash 0.4%


Dogs per 10kg: 2g per day

(1 measuring spoon equals 2g = approx. 20g soaked)

Soak the powder in cold water at a ratio of 1:10 and mix with the feed. Replace up to 10% of feed with soaked AniForte SlimVital.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.