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AniForte® Intestinal Defence Powder for dogs

AniForte® Intestinal Defence Powder for dogs

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AniForte® Intestinal Defence Powder for Dogs

Complementary feed for dogs

Use as a supplement for a strong intestinal environment that is naturally able to address external challenges
Unique preparation with artemisia absinthium (wormwood)
Gentle and non-damaging to the intestinal micro-flora
Supports healthy intestinal function and digestion in a natural way

Dogs are faced with a number of external challenges to their gut health, which are often addressed using chemicals. AniForte® Intestinal defence for dogs consists of 100% natural substances. This unique recipe contains the special herb wormwood which has been used since the Middle Ages. The natural ingredients have a very gentle effect and do not damage the intestinal micro-flora. AniForte Intestinal defence was designed to naturally contribute to gut health so your pets’ body is strengthened against any intestinal challenges.

Composition: Daucus carota sativus , Salvia officinalis , Juglans regia , Petroselinum crispum , Thymus vulgaris , Artemisia vulgaris , Artemisia absinthium

Analytical components: Crude protein 10.4%, crude fat 3.5%, crude ash 8.7%, crude fibre 19%

Feeding instructions:
Dogs up to 10kg: 1g           
Dogs 10-35kg: 2g
Dogs 35-50kg: 3g
Dogs above 50kg: 4g

(10g: 1 measuring spoon = 0.3g, 50&100g: 1 measuring spoon = 1g)

Note: A single application is usually sufficient, but we recommend repeating after ten days. Additionally, proactively apply every 3-4 months.

Also available as capsules.

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