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AniForte® Intestinal Defence Powder for cats

AniForte® Intestinal Defence Powder for cats

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AniForte® Intestinal Defence for cats - 25g powder

Complementary feed for cats


Use as a supplement for a strong intestinal environment that is naturally able to address external challenges
Gentle and non-damaging to the intestinal micro-flora
Supports healthy intestinal function and digestion in a natural way

Cats are faced with a number of external challenges to their gut health, which are often addressed using chemicals. AniForte® Intestinal Defence powder for cats consists of 100% natural substances. This unique recipe contains the carrot oil and propolis which have been used since the Middle Ages. The natural ingredients have a very gentle effect and do not damage the intestinal micro-flora. AniForte Intestinal Defence powder was designed to naturally contribute to gut health so your pets’ body is strengthened against any intestinal challenges.

Cocos nucifera, Daucus carota, Fructus cynosbati, Juglans regia, Rubus fructicosus, Galium verum Petroselinum crispum,

Analytical components: Crude protein 13,66%, crude fat 1,64%, crude ash 8.7%, crude fibre 10,99%

Feeding instructions: Simply mix the finely ground herbs into your pet’s wet feed. Also available as liquid.

Cats 1/2 measuring spoon     
(1 measuring spoon = 0.3g)

A single application is usually sufficient, but we recommend repeating after ten days. Additionally, proactively apply every 3-4 months.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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