Wermix Powder for Dogs - 20g
Wermix Powder for Dogs - 20g
Wermix Powder for Dogs - 20g
Wermix Powder for Dogs - 20g
Wermix Powder for Dogs - 20g

Wermix Powder for Dogs - 20g

Herbal mixture free of additives

Support after a cured worm infestation

high-quality raw materials

High acceptance

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A quick re-balance of saponins, bitter substances, and tannins after a cured worm infestation is the best prerequisite for a healthy dog's life

The purely herbal ingredients in AniForte® WermiX powder offer an optimal composition for actively balancing this increased need. The herbs contained can contribute to an optimal nutrient supply after a cured worm infestation.

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation

Benefits of Wermix Powder for Dogs:

Support after a cured worm infestation

Natural mixture of high-quality raw materials with wormwood, mugwort and sage

Free of synthetic additives

How does Wermix for Dogs work?

Our Wermix powder for Dogs contains natural herbs and can simply be added to your pet's daily feed. They are produced using only high-quality ingredients and the capsules enjoy good acceptance with dogs.

Wermix Powder is suitable for young to senior dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Plus, Wermix is free from synthetic additives - just as it should be!


Fine particles: carrot, 15 % sage leaves, walnut leaves, parsley, 10 % thyme, 10 % mugwort, 5 % wormwood

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 10.4%, crude fat 3.5%, crude ash 8.7%, crude fibre 19.0%

Feeding recommendation:

The finely ground herbs can easily be mixed into your dog's food.

Feed the recommended amount once and repeat after 14 days.

Dogs up to 10 kg: 1 g
Dogs 10 - 35 kg: 2 g
Dogs 35 - 50 kg: 3 g
Dogs from 50 kg: 4 g

The product contains a measuring spoon which corresponds to 0.3 g.

Feed recommended amount twice a week for 2 weeks.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place and away from light.

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