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AniForte® Mineral Formula

AniForte® Mineral Formula

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AniForte® Mineral Formula - 100g

Complementary feed for Dogs and Cats

AniForte® Mineral Formula contains a combination of minerals and trace elements which may have a supportive effect on organ function and metabolism. We use 100% selected natural ingredients in our AniForte® Mineral Formula, such as brewer's yeast, seaweed calcium oxide, freshwater waterweed rich in nutrients with over 2000 essential substances and grapeseed extract, which is rich in balanced, easily available micronutrients such as trace elements, minerals and vitamins. All the ingredients are purely from vegetable origins, so that the detoxification organs are not placed under stress, ensuring optimum natural provision of micronutrients with magnesium, calcium and alginates.

Can be used for:
Training, breeding, problems with fur and skin, moulting and regrowth, stressful situations, metabolic sensitivity, allergies, growth phases and for older dogs

Possible symptoms indicating nutritional deficiencies:
Dry skin, dull fur, susceptibility to stress, weak immune system, signs of aging, birthing difficulties

Composition: Brewer’s yeast, seaweed calcium oxide, ground seaweed (ascophyllum nodosum), grapeseed powder

Analytical Components: Crude protein 10.8%, crude fat 1.1%, crude fibre 6.0%, crude ash 52.1%

Feeding instructions: Simply mix AniForte® Mineral Formula into the food.
Dogs per 10kg: 2 level teaspoons per day
Cats: 1 heaped teaspoon per day

Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
If unopened, can be kept for at least one year

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