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Mite Powder for Poultry - Mite Stop

Mite Powder for Poultry - Mite Stop

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    AniForte® Mite-Stop Powder

    Natural Repellent for chickens


    AniForte® Mite-STOP powder is highly effective over long periods of time. It contains no chemical additives and parasites cannot develop resistance to it. AniForte® Milben-STOP powder is 100% free from chemicals. The high-quality, extremely fine kieselgur powder adheres strongly to feathers and produces no adverse effects on meat or egg quality. Also suitable for organic farms.

    100% natural diatomaceous earth

    Active agent: 1000g/kg diatomaceous earth
    (CAS 61790-53-2)

    Form: DP (dustable powder)
    baua-reg.-no.: N-60293

    Instructions: AniForte® Mite-STOP powder is applied to areas where para-sites live and hide. Bedding areas and laying nests should be dusted directly, as should any other areas prone to infestation. Any casing or cladding should also be dismantled and tho-roughly powdered, along with the undersides of perches and anywhere else mites like to live. The powder should be applied evenly throughout the birds’ living space. Add the powder to bird baths or sand baths for pigeons, doves and exotic birds. Treated surfaces should be covered in an even, white layer.

    Note: Do not breathe in the powder. Keep out of reach of children. Do not bring into contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Avoid all unnecessary contact with this substance. Improper use may damage health. Use caution when handling pesticides. Always read the label and product information before use.