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Mite-STOP Spray for Chickens

Mite-STOP Spray for Chickens

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  • NO MORE FLEAS, TICKS, AND MITES FOR YOUR PET: This 100% natural product is designed to repel ectoparasites (e.g. fleas, ticks, mites, and similar organisms) from your pet, helping them look & feel great! Its powder formula can easily be applied to your pets' skin externally. The results are long-term, and there is no risk of your pet developing resistance as can happen with chemical remedies.
  • 100% NATURAL, MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY: Most natural pet foods and products like tick repellents have "added vitamins and minerals," our research shows that there is no way to naturally add them. Warehoused in Schwalmtal Germany, we deliver premium quality products for our beloved four-legged friends.
  • A GREAT VALUE REMEDY THAT BOTH PREVENTS AND REMOVES EXISTING MITES: Great for both cats and dogs, this powder contains diatomaceous earth that gets to work instantly to remove mites, repel them, and you will soon soothe your pet.
  • RECOMMENDED BY EXPERIENCED ANIMAL NATUROPATHS: Checked by vets, this ready to use powder will soothe your pet.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Prevent mites from causing a hassle and discomfort in the first place. We offer a moneyback guarantee if you don't love it.

AniForte® Mite STOP Spray 1000 ml for chickens 
Natural repellent and biocidal product for chickens 

AniForte® Mite STOP Spray protects chickens from mites and other parasites in a purely biological way and avoids the impact of toxins on the chickens' systems. Sooner or later, all poultry owners face the problem of "mites". Our experience has shown that the use of chemical agents can often result in a range of unwanted side effects and that changing to a natural remedy can be a gentler (and less expensive) solution. 

- Acts against mites and other parasites in a purely biological way 
- No negative impact on the animal's system 
- Does not affect egg and meat quality 

eucalyptus citriodora oil 

Active ingredient:
Geraniol, Registration number: N-60550 (BAuA) 

As an ambient spray: Spray in the immediate vicinity of the animals (laying area, perches, etc.).
As a contact spray: Spray directly onto the animals' feathers, preferably the back and wings.
Spray from a distance of about 5 cm.

Use biocides with care. Always read the label and product information before use. Avoid contact with the eyes
If used in a barn, ventilate the area well after the treatment

Manufactured by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte UK