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PureNature Country Chicken (Cat Food) – 6 x 200g

PureNature Country Chicken (Cat Food) – 6 x 200g

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AniForte® PureNature Wet Feed

Complete feed for cats

You can get our delicious cat feed with high meat content in three tasty recipes so that you can delight your little tiger with chicken, fish or meat. Our cat feed isn't just great due to its high meat content of 97%, but also because it contains a balanced mix of vegetables and important ingredients like spirulina and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. You can rest assured that our cat feed is always grain-free. This is why cats who are used to wet cat feed with a high meat content find our wet feed especially tasty.

The best mix of every wet feed is only worth as much as each individual ingredient. For this reason, we pay special attention to where each of the food products that goes into our cat feed comes from. The meat used for our wet feed comes from species-appropriate livestock farming. No grain or other additives are used in the production of our cat feed, which means our cat feed has a very low allergy potential. It is therefore also suitable for sensitive cats or cats affected by allergies.

AniForte® PureNature Wet Feed is a high quality single protein feed for cats in super premium quality, manufactured according to food standards. We use a lot of fresh meat, heart and healthy offal, which are supplied raw under stringent quality controls and cooked gently. No artificial additives are used. Additionally, all AniForte® PureNatureWet Feed types contain a pure, natural extra portion of Omega-3 extract to support the normal cardiovascular system. Completely natural vitamins and minerals are added to create a perfect super premium complete feed for your pet.

Super premium quality manufactured according to food standards with 97% meat content

No artificial additives

✔ Contains a pure, natural extra portion of Omega 3 extract

97.4% chicken, comprising 70% chicken hearts, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken stomach, chicken neck, 27.4% broth, 2% pumpkin

Analytical components:
Protein 10.6%, fat content 6.1%, crude ash 2.4%, crude fibre 0.5%, moisture 80%, calcium 0.22%, phosphor 0.15%, 150mg taurine (per 100g)

Natural additives per kg:
0.1% eggshell powder, 0.1% dandelion, 0.1% safflower oil, 0.1% spirulina,  0.1% omega-3 extract, 0.1% seaweed calcium

Feeding recommendation:
Feed your cat approx. 200 g per 3.5 kg of body weight per day. These values are intended as a guide. Please serve at room temperature and always ensure that fresh drinking water is available.

Please keep the opened can in a cool place.
The following PureNature Cat recipes are available: Country Chicken, Fish & Turkey, Fine Turkey, Wild Rabbit and Fish Cuisine

Manufactured by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte UK

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