AniForte PureNature Pure Lamb - Dog Food

AniForte Pure Nature Pure Lamb 6 x 800g is a juicy, tasty natural dog food which consists of 100% meat. Grain-free with no artificial additives, it is tailored to provide your dog with complete satisfaction.

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Categories: Dogs

Benefits of AniForte PureNature Pure Lamb:

 100% premium quality meat

 Ideal alternative to raw meat

 No genetic engineering, artificial flavours, chemicals or cereals

How does AniForte PureNature Pure Lamb work?

AniForte PureNature Pure Lamb is a premium quality single protein feed for dogs. It contains 100% fresh meat, heart and offal which are filled into the tin raw and then cooked gently, meeting the highest quality standards. It is an ideal alternative to raw meat, particularly suited to mature dogs and fussy eaters.


100% lamb, consisting of 72% lamb meat and innards and 28% meat stock

Analytical Components:

10.4% protein, 6.4% fat, 2.2% crude ash, 0.4% crude fibre, 75.0% moisture


Dogs up to 5kg: 200g

Dogs between 5-10kg: 400g

Dogs between 10-20kg: 800g

Dogs between 20-30kg: 1200g

Serve at room temperature and always ensure that fresh drinking water is available. Portion sizes must be adjusted to the animal’s requirements (activity, age, breed, size and health).

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.