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AniForte® Tick Spray for Cats

AniForte® Tick Spray for Cats

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AniForte® Tick Spray MILD - 100ml

Repellent for cats and other sensitive household pets

AniForte® Tick Spray MILD Suitable against parasites such as ticks, which not only make life uncomfortable for cats. It is therefore essential to combat these parasites and prevent parasite infestations in our pets in the long-term. There is a variety of chemical preparations available, but these carry with them a whole host of side effects and ultimately do more harm than good to the animal. Many pet owners have recognised this and are increasingly looking to natural and kinder solutions, which are also highly effective compared to chemical products, without the negative side effects. AniForte® Tick Spray MILD is a tried and tested herbal product. The combination of carefully selected, high-quality oils guarantees effective long-term protection (approx. 24 hrs.) against ticks and other parasites such as mites and fleas. This mild version contains no tea tree oil, which makes it particularly suitable for cats with a heightened sense of smell. There are no known side effects.

Composition: Aqua dem., lavender oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, geraniol

Active ingredient: Geraniol
CAS-Nr.: 106-24-1

As air spray: Spray in the animal's favourite places (sleeping area, rest area, etc.)
As a contact spray: Spray straight onto the pet's fur, preferably at the tail base and between the shoulder blades. Spray from a distance of 5cm.

Note: Use biocides with caution! Please read the product information before use. Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of reach for children.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Manufactured by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte UK

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