AniForte Cat's Claw

AniForte Cat’s Claw 100g is a pet feed supplement made from a woody jungle vine native to Central and South America. Suitable for dogs and cats, AniForte Cat’s Claw supports the immune system, healthy digestion and can contribute to the detoxification of the body.

Categories: Cats, Dogs

Benefits of AniForte Cat’s Claw:

 Supports the immune system

 May aid healthy digestion and detoxification

How does AniForte Cat’s Claw work?

Added to your pet’s daily feed, AniForte Cat’s Claw provides an extra level of immune and digestive support. It aids in the expulsion of harmful toxins from the body, supporting general health and wellbeing.


100% ground cat's claw root bark

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 9.9%, crude fat 0.0%, crude ash 0.0%, crude fibre 17.2%


Simply mix AniForte Cat's Claw with your pet’s daily feed.

Dogs up to 15kg: 0.5g per day

Dogs up to 30kg: 1g per day

Dogs over 31kg: up to 2g per day

Cats: 0.2g per day (about a pinch)

Horses (per 100kg): 1-2g per day (1 measuring spoon = 2g)

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.