We are on a mission to put nature back into every pet's diet through our range of 100% natural pet food, supplements and care products.


Your pet's needs change throughout the seasons. At AniForte, we have developed a range of 100% natural products which match their challenges and requirements throughout the year

Every month we hand-select a different product from our seasonal range to help your pet overcome any challenges and to enjoy life to the full at this specific time of year. This month we recommend AniForte Calm & Relax Powder for Dogs, made from 100% natural unprocessed ingredients. It has been specifically developed to naturally soothe and calm your pet in times of stress and anxiety. This 100% natural herb blend includes valerian root, hop cones and passionflower - harnessesing the power of nature to soothe and calm your pet.


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As part of our dedication to reducing waste and helping the environment, we offer our 'almost perfect products' at a discounted price. The product is the same, but you may find minor damage to packaging or that you use them up a little quicker. Join our community by subscribing below to have exclusive access to these products.