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A pet is so much more than just a cuddly object. After a very short time it takes its place in the family and its absence would leave a painful gap. So it is natural that you will do everything to take care of the beloved companion well. In addition to sufficient exercise, regular veterinary supervision and of course a lot of love, proper nutrition plays an important role. Each animal has its needs in terms of food, which you should consider when choosing the pet food. Like you, your beloved pet needs a balanced and natural diet that meets the animal's needs for vitamins and minerals. It is important to use natural products and to avoid cheap substitutes.

Unfortunately, too many pet owners assume that it is perfectly sufficient to buy the right cans with pet food, after all, advertising keeps telling you that everything in there is what the dog needs. However, this is often not true because this pet food contains only a fraction of the substances that are advertised on the label. Just take the time and study exactly the contents of the pet food, which you serve your faithful companion daily. Look also on the Internet for experience reports of institutions that extensively test such products. We are sure you will be appalled by the results. Too often, the ingredients are not enough to meet the title "complete food" and just as often found in various feed ingredients that have lost nothing in the feed. Thus, for example, feathers or claws were found in tests. Things that no animal lover wants to feed his pet.

At AniForte, you will find only natural pet food, which are composed only with the best ingredients and in coordination with our competence centre.

Which products are available at Aniforte?

We offer dog food, cat food and nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses like Salmon Oil, Green Lipped Mussel Powder, Barf Complete, Mite Spray or Brewers Yeast.

Which pet food is the right one?

Thanks to the strict quality controls by our pet nutritionists and the fact that we only use natural animal products for our pet food, we can guarantee you the best possible pet food for your pet. That is what Aniforte stands up for!

Which pet food do we offer?

While most wholesalers focus on food for dogs and cats, we at AniForte® try to provide the broadest possible range of products for you. This means that you will not only find pet food for your dog or cat with us, our animal clientele extends to horses, small animals, birds, poultry, sheep and goats. Our range of products offers the right product for every need. These include food and supplements such as natural wet food for dogs, snacks like our sprats for dogs, chews and complete feed mixes a balanced diet for your pet.

Of course, we also have products that are tailored to specific needs such as overweight animals, to strengthen the immune system, for seniors and much more. With us you can cover the entire needs of your pet from a single source. Always in the best quality, always strictly controlled and always made using natural animal products.

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