Our animals are more than just our companions. They are family members. They enchant us with their own personalities and enrich our lives, which we hope to share with them for many years. At AniForte® we specialise in the development of natural products for your animals, for their natural nutrition and care – always keeping up with the latest scientific standards. We know that the answers to nutritional problems lie in nature.

AniForte® was founded in 2013 in Germany by a local family. The family business quickly grew into a leading producer of natural products for pets and a sizeable employer in the rural Maas-Schwalm-Nette natural park region. We have over 60 dedicated staff and a 5,500m² site for production and administration to offer their skills and expertise. We have developed hundreds of natural products for pets.

Raw Materials: We care about high quality

The scent of dried herbs. The labels of the raw material sacks bear names including blackberry leaves, barley grass and dandelion root.
These are just three of the hundreds of raw ingredients we use in our production. Hundreds of products for feed, care and food supplements for dogs and cats make up our range, all consisting of high-quality raw materials without any unnecessary chemical additives.

We care about additive-free products

We develop new products in-house in close cooperation with specialists such as animal healing practitioners, veterinarians and nutrition experts. At AniForte, what you see is what you get − clearly labelled for everyone and without unnecessary filler ingredients. We closely listen to your feedback and keep developing and innovating our product lines.