We want to see a world where pets enjoy life as nature intended

We want to overturn assumptions about what pet food, pet supplements and pet care products should be. We want a world where our pets enjoy high quality, natural pet food, supplements and care products which provide them with all the goodness and support they need.

In 2013 we started Aniforte to deliver on this mission. Using only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients we partnered with leading pet nutritionists to develop a range of pet foods, supplement and care products all focused on enabling our pets enjoy life to the full, naturally.

From a small family-run business in Brüggen, in the west of Germany, we have grown to be an international company providing our 100% natural products to customers across the world. Whilst our team has got bigger we have never forgotten the importance of maintaining our personal touch, so every product we supply is hand made to order and we are always available to give you helpful and free advice about your pet and our products, be it from one of our vets, nutritionists or recipe makers.  

As a company that is still family owned by a family of pet lovers, we have one more promise, and that is that every decision we make always has been and always will be in all of our pet’s best interest.