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Our dog's sensitive ears need regular care. Use natural ear cleaners and find more helpful information at the end of this page. We offer you and your dog a wide range of products for daily hygiene. With our food supplements and care products you are able to care for your dog in a completely natural way and actively contribute to his well-being.

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Cleaning your dog's ears

Ear cleaners are easy to use and can be massaged directly into the auricle. AniForte® dog ear cleaner is a neutral ear cleaner with chamomile extracts. It gently loosens dirt and ear wax and was developed in cooperation with alternative pet health practitioners and veterinarians. Alternatively, you can use the ear cleaning pads for dogs.

If your dog suffers from increased itching in his ears, a mite infestation can be the cause. This puts a strain on your furry friend and can decrease their well-being. Our remedy against ear mites contains paraffin oil that has been cleaned several times and is particularly suitable for use against mites. Itching can be relieved and secondary bacterial infections can be prevented.