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Advice for Dog owners during Autumn

As we finally approach the end of Summer, our four legged friends are going to require different precautions to best handle the months ahead. While some health risks are likely to lessen (overheating while out on a walk, for example) others will come to the fore. Here are a number of important tips to keeping your pet healthy and happy this Autumn.

  • Don’t allow your dog to eat dead leaves, especially those from a pile that’s been sitting on the ground for some time. Damp leaves are an ideal place for harmful moulds and bacteria to form. Be sure to dispose of dead leaves in your garden if your dog is likely to try and eat them.

  • Be on the lookout for mushrooms while walking your dog. They can grow on the side of trees and even on logs and stumps- prime locations for your inquisitive pooch to find them. Even the least dangerous of these are far from healthy for your dog, and will be plentiful around this time of year. Again, be sure to check your garden for any signs of fungus before leaving your dog alone in your garden.

  • Acorns are as bad for your dog as they are tempting to them. Be sure to keep your dog from helping themselves if you come across any during your walk, as the tannic acid they possess is poisonous to dogs.

  • Keep your dog away from Yew trees at all costs! Every part of this tree is dangerous to canines if digested.

  • Horse Chestnuts, as common as they are, are very toxic to dogs, as well as being a potential choking hazard/ cause of intestinal blockage.

As you can see, the only snacks your dog should be enjoying when out on a walk should be the ones you provide! Don’t let nature’s bounty fool you; it’s no healthier for your dog than it would be for you.

While it’s important to keep in mind that changes in weather will bring new challenges to looking after your pet, some problems will persist all year round. AniForte provides a number of options for the prevention and removal of fleas and ticks, such as our Itchy Skin Spray (great to deter grass mites), and our Flea ex Powder (perfect for removing existing insects & ticks) (this product is also available as a Spray).

Another thing to consider during this time of year is a shampoo designed to handle the rough and muddy exploration your dog is likely to get into. Many animals enjoy rummaging through dead leaves, exploring muddy paths and- of course!- jumping into every puddle they can find. We recommend our Neem Oil Shampoo:

The lovely photograph used at the top of this article was taken by ShawnMartens2; you can check out his photography here.

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