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Bibi's Success Story

Bibi with Green Lipped Mussel Powder

I'm Bibi, four years old and originally from Italy. My dog ​​parents adopted me from the animal shelter. Even though I was supposed to enjoy my life to the fullest from then on, there were a lot of worries and, above all, pain in addition to the joy. I was diagnosed with high grade bilateral hip dysplasia with arthritic changes. After this dire diagnosis, my humans went in search of support.

In addition to animal physiotherapy, my mum wanted to support me with natural supplements, searched the web and asked her followers on Instagram. AniForte Green-Lipped Mussel Powder was often recommended to her, which quickly drew Mum's attention to AniForte. She quickly found what she was looking for in our online shop: purely natural green-lipped mussel powder from New Zealand to keep the joints healthy.

The description and the information in the shop are very detailed, but my Mum still wanted to reassure herself that this was really the best product for me, so she got detailed and free advice from the AniForte animal naturopath.

After a detailed consultation, Mum ordered Green Lipped Mussel Powder in the shop. And you know what? After about 3 weeks you could already see the first success and my gait has improved significantly. The therapy consisting of animal physiotherapy and the Green Lipped Mussel supplement is just perfect for me and helps me enjoy life so much more!

We are incredibly grateful for the great support and can wholeheartedly recommend Green Lipped Mussel Powder!

Bibi and her mum Vanessa

PS: Please reach out to us anytime at, and we are happy to give you individualized recommendations based on your pet’s health issues.

PPS: AniForte Green Lipped Mussel is also available in capsule form.

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