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For naturally healthy joints, tendons & ligaments - Cats are incredibly agile pets. Every day they put strain on their joints during adventurous jumps. For this reason, it is important to stabilise them and protect the cat from movement restrictions due to health problems. But how are joint problems in cats related to nutrition?

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AniForte® products to keep the joints, tendons and ligaments healthy. First of all, it is important for cat owners to know that joint problems in cats and the pet’s diet are interrelated. Joint problems significantly reduce the quality of life of the cat, since cats are very agile animals. In order for your cat to stay healthy and agile, it is important to supply all the nutrients they need. Pet owners should pay attention to a species-appropriate and balanced diet for their cat.

Joint problems in cats and nutrition - what are the options?

Once the connection between joint problems and nutrition have been identified, find out about the options for adequate nutrient intake. It is generally difficult to get all the needed minerals, vitamins and fiber from the conventional pet food. Even with home-cooked food, this is not always guaranteed. In order to prevent joint problems as best as possible, feed supplements are generally a sensible alternative. But here, too, there are a few points to consider.

There are many supplements available to address the complex issue of joint problems in cats. However, pet owners should be vigilant at this point. It makes little sense to use these products if they contain sugar or other additives. Cats are animals that trust their natural instincts very much. Animal lovers should therefore use products that are left as natural as possible. Such natural supplements, which effectively intervene in the circulatory active joints, are available online from

The extract from the green-lipped mussel, for example, is very well known. It can be mixed into the feed as a powder and is generally accepted well by cats. If in doubt, cat owners should ask their trusted veterinarian whether the composition of the feed supplement makes sense for their pet. We offer supplements that have a helpful effect on the interplay between joint problems in cats and their diet. If the products are found to be useful and appropriate to the species, they will find their way into our shop.

Conclusion: Joint problems in cats and the pet’s diet are closely related. It is important that the animal receives as much nutrient density as possible through the food. In reality, this is unfortunately not that easy. For this reason, cat owners should take a closer look at food supplements for cats. These are designed to break a negative cycle that diet-related joint problems in cats and diet represent. The natural products optimally supply the animal with the right amount of nutrients to maintain and promote its activity. Particularly agile animals, such as cats, need powerful joints in order to live in a species-appropriate manner. In our online shop at you will find numerous natural products that supply your cat the needed nutrients. Only selected products find their way into our range. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you at any time.