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Join the club and you will automatically receive 150 points. You can also earn points by shopping with us, referring your friends or just by visiting our website (perhaps to read some of our great articles)! Below you can check out all the ways to earn paw points!
Gain points, gain rank, get even more points! The best part? It’s all free!

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This month’s top rewards

15% OFF

750 Paw Points

£15 Coupon

1500 Paw Points

20% OFF

1200 Paw Points

Discount is only valid for one order

Whether you prefer percentage or money off discounts, we’ve got you covered with our range of rewards. Buy your usual pet supplies, browse our blog, all whilst collecting points. Use your points to redeem free products or to save more on your next purchase. You can find all the rewards details at the end of this page.

Earn points

Make a purchase

5 Paw Points per £1 spent

Refer your friends

500 Paw Points after their first purchase

Open an account

150 Paw Points

Visit our website

20 Paw Points per Week

Follow us on Instagram

25 Paw Points

Sign up for our newsletter

90 Paw Points

Like us on Facebook

25 Paw Points

Tell us your pet’s birthday

250 Paw Points

How to redeem your Paw Points?

To redeem your points for rewards, open the loyalty widget at the bottom left of this page. Then, open the “Get Rewards” tab to browse the available rewards. Once you find a reward you like, hit “Get Reward”, and add the provided code to your shopping cart.

*Discount is only valid for one order

Already created an account with us? No need to sign up anymore, you’re already part of the program!

Need help? Contact us!

Our team at AniForte is always happy to help, whether you have questions regarding our loyalty program, or whether it’s a product- or nutrition question – we’re eager to hear from you and will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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