4in1 Complete Horse
4in1 Complete Horse

4in1 Complete Horse

All-round care - purely plant-based

Supports the immune system & vitality

For stomach & intestinal activity

For a strong, shiny coat

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Size:3 kg
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4in1 Complete Horse is a purely natural all-round supply for your horse with valuable nutrients such as brewer's yeast BT, rose hip peel and Jerusalem artichoke powder. This natural product is an important support for your horse's natural immune system and normal intestinal activity.

Benefits of 4in1 Complete Horse

✓ Preservation of normal intestinal flora

✔ For a strong, shiny coat

✔ To support the normal immune system

How does 4in1 Complete Horse work?

The vitamin C present supports a healthy immune system and your horse's vitality. The added Jerusalem artichoke powder helps to create a normal bacterial flora in the digestive system, which maintains your horse's natural digestive function.

AniForte® 4in1 Complete Horse is produced to the highest quality standards and can easily be mixed into your horse's daily feed.