AniForte BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables with Herbs- 1 kg

AniForte BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables with Herbs 1kg is a natural supplement feed for dogs which contains no dyes, preservatives or flavourings. The nutritious ingredients are made from quality vegetables, fruits, and natural herbs. The recipe is gluten-free and is an ideal food alternative for dogs with gluten intolerance.

Categories: Dogs

Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions 

Benefits of AniForte BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables: 

Gluten-free fruits, vegetables, and herbs for BARF feeding

Ideal for dogs with a gluten intolerance

Adds variety to your pet’s BARF diet

Natural BARF supplement without artificial additives

How does AniForte BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables work?

Mix AniForte BARF Line Fruit and vegetable flakes into your pet’s daily BARF feed to provide them with additional minerals, nutrients, and a varied diet.


Carrot flakes, pea flakes, alfalfa pellets, herb mixture: nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, chamomile, dandelion root, milk thistle fruit, fruit mix: apple, peach, and banana cubes, rice flour

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 1.37%, crude fat 0.14%, crude fibre 1.37%, crude ash 0.66%, residual moisture 0.36%


Dogs: up to 50% of the daily feed

Mix AniForte BARF Line Fruits and Vegetables with herbs in warm water or broth 10 minutes before feeding and combine with high-quality fresh or canned meat.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.