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AniForte Ear Drops for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets (Natural Ear Mite Oil)

AniForte Ear Drops for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets (Natural Ear Mite Oil)

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TREAT YOUR PET AS NATURE INTENDED: Odourless and Natural Formula to Kill and Remove Dog Mites and Cat Mites

FAST RELIEF FROM EAR MITES: Give Your Dog and Cat the Best Natural Treatment for Ear Mites that Gets to Immediate Work

NO FUSS, EASY APPLICATION: just apply our cat and dog ears drops using the included dropper-cap, and be assured the mites shall suffocate!

VALUE FOR MONEY: our oil works as both an earmite treatment for dogs, a cat ear mite treatment, a mite treatment for horses and rodents.

GET COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: This product should be combined with AniForte VET Dog Ear Cleaner to clean out the ear before application, as well as after to remove the dead mites. This ear mite oil can also be combined with AniForte Mite Stop Spray.


AniForte® Mite Treatment & Ear Drops for Dogs & Cats & Pets is a natural mite killer which suffocates ear mites and removes them from your pets’ ears.

The completely odourless formula oil coats the mites and suffocates ear-mites immediately, and flushes them out. It works for horses and rodents as well as cats and dogs.

The oil comes with an easy-use dropper-cap on the bottle, making it easy to measure the correct amount of formula to apply for your pet. Compared to a conventional week-long treatment with medicinal ear mite products, AniForte® Ear Mite Oil is a quick and safe ear mite treatment for removing irritating ear mites just within a few days.

For best results, please clean the ear with AniForte VET Dog Ear Cleaner before applying this oil,  and then after applying this oil in order to flush out the dead mites.


Cleaned, tasteless and odourless proprietary Aniforte oil blend



The quantity of dogs ear mite treatment and cats ear mite treatment depends on the size of your pet.

For cats and small dogs, apply 2-3 drops per ear

For large dogs, apply up to 5 drops per ear

For rodents: 1- 2 drops per ear

Horses should be treated with up to 10 drops per ear

It is important to repeat the application as many times as necessary, until the ears are completely free of mites.



The practical dropper cap on the bottle makes it easy to measure the application amount and apply the drops.

We also recommend spraying AniForte® Mite Control Spray into the fur.

Store in a dry and dark place.

Manufactured by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte UK

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