AniForte Agility Vet Tablets for Dogs - available in 2 sizes

AniForte® AgilityVET Joint Tablets contain a natural combination of essential ingredients that support the entire musculoskeletal system. We deliberately added a high percentage of Collagen, Green Lipped Mussel, Devil's Claw, Frankincense and Omega-3 to our AniForte® AgilityVET joint tablets, which are said to have a supportive effect on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the AniForte® AgilityVET joint tablets contain liquorice root, which is especially tasty for many dogs.

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Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions

AgilityVET joint tablets:

  • to support joint functions
  • in cases of any feeding-related deficiency symptoms
  • to support especially seniors but also young dogs as they grow


How do AniForAniForte® Agility Vet Tablets work?  

AniForte Agility Vet tablets contain a combination of six essential nutrients and active ingredients that offer a regenerative and supportive effect for the entire musculoskeletal system. The tablets also contain the delicious liquorice root, which can have stomach-protecting properties.

Is it increasingly difficult for your dog to get up, walk up-stairs and run around? Is your animal becoming stiffer, heavier and the joy of life fading? The causes for this can be diverse and should be clarified by a veterinarian.


The AniForte® AgilityVET joint tablets are free of cereal, added sugar and are free from unnecessary fillers in the formula. Due to the high acceptance as a treat, the joint tablets can be fed easily.

Pure Collage from Cod Fish, Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Devil's Claw, Boswellia serrata (Frankincense), Liquorice Root, Omega-3 Extract

Analytical Components:

Crude ash 6.87%, crude fibre 2.46%, crude protein 50.91%, crude fat 8.15%


For support:

Dogs per 10kg: 1 tab daily

In acute cases:

Dogs per 10kg: 2 tabs daily

The joint tablets have high acceptance and can be easily fed as a treat. For small dogs, the joint tablets can also be divided in the middle for better feeding. The daily dose may also be doubled, as needed.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.