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AniForte® Pure Nature Junior Menu - Grain Free Puppy Food 6x400g

AniForte® Pure Nature Junior Menu - Grain Free Puppy Food 6x400g

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AniForte® Pure Nature Junior Menu - Grain Free Puppy Food

Complete feed for dogs

 Natural dog food with 86% meat specifically tailored to the needs of puppies up to the age of 6 months
✔ Single protein and complete feed. Grain-free and without artificial additives such as colouring, flavourings and preservatives
✔ Super premium quality manufactured according to food stands with 87.3% meat content
 No artificial additives
 Contains a pure, natural extra portion of Omega 3 extract

AniForte® PureNature Junior Menu is a high quality single protein feed for dogs in super premium quality, manufactured according to food standards. We use a lot of fresh meat, heart and healthy offal, which are filled raw under stringent quality controls and cooked gently. No artificial additives are used. Additionally, all AniForte® PureNature recipes contain a pure natural extra portion of Omega-3 extract to support the normal cardiovascular system. Completely natural vitamins and minerals are added to create a perfect super premium complete feed for your pet.

Composition: 86.0% chicken (60.0% from chicken heart, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken stomach, chicken neck and 26.0% from meat stock), 4.0% carrots, 3.0% courgettes, 2.0% fennel, 2.0% potatoes, 1.0% raspberries, 1.0% apples, 0.1% eggshell powder, 0.1% herbs (dandelion, yarrow, fennel, camomile), 0.1% yeast, 0.1% linseed, 0.1% rapeseed oil, 0.1% desiccated coconut, 0.1% silica, 0.1%, spirulina, 0.1% omega-3 extract, 0.1% seaweed calcium 

Analytical components: 10.1% protein, 6.1% fat content, 2.2% crude ash, 0.6% crude fibre, 75.0% moisture, 0.24% calcium. 0.19% phosphorus

Feeding instructions: Feed approx. 200 g per 5 kg of body weight per day. These values are intended as a guide. Please serve at room temperature and always ensure that fresh drinking water is available. Portion sizes must be adjusted to the animal’s requirements (activity, age, breed, size and health). Please speak to your vet for further advice.

Note: Please keep the opened can in a cool place.

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