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Malanders-Formula - AniForte UK
Malanders-Formula - AniForte UK
Malanders-Formula - AniForte UK
Malanders-Formula - AniForte UK


Balanced herbal mixture

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Supports during & after a moult

Immune system & joy of movement

For skin and metabolic function

Balanced & nutrient-rich

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Malanders-Formula is a high-quality herbal mixture with selected natural raw materials and provides your horse with important nutrients. The high-quality feed supplement can naturally support your horse's skin and metabolic function before, during and after a moult and thus maintain it's enjoyment of exercise. Malanders-Formula contains valuable herbs such as horsetail herb, birch leaves, couch grass root, burdock root, dandelion herb and root, sage and walnut leaves and sheep's milkwort.

Benefits of Malanders-Formula

✓ Support of normal skin and metabolic function

✔ Maintains the natural joy of movement

✔ Balanced and nutrient-rich herbal mixture

How does Malanders-Formula work?

The skin has a crucial role to play in a horse's well-being. For example, it provides important protection against dirt and moisture. Horses' legs in particular are often exposed to dirt, moisture and wetness during the wet season. For nutritional and physiological reasons, the skin can become unbalanced and sensitive to external influences. AniForte® Mauke-Formel can support your horse's immune system and metabolism before, during and after a case of Mauke, thus ensuring vital skin. The selected herbs provide valuable nutrients and contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and metabolic function. The herbal mixture is recommended as a supplement to other feed.


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