Mite Stop powder 250g

AniForte® Mite-STOP powder for dogs and cats
Insecticide for dogs and cats

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Benefits, Ingredients & Instructions

Benefits of AniForte Flea-EX Spray:

Every pet owner will sooner or later have to deal with the issue of mite infestation. However, our experience has shown that chemical products often have a variety of unwanted side effects and that switching to a natural product can be the gentler (and cheaper) solution. AniForte® Mite STOP Powder is purely natural and works reliably against mites and other ectoparasites. It consists of 100% purely natural ingredients, has high and long-lasting effectiveness, is purely natural and resistance formation is impossible. The very high-quality and ultra-fine powder must be applied absolutely dry and is then highly effective. Besides mites, other parasites such as fleas, animal lice, hair lice, bugs, and feather lice are also safely and gently repelled.


Natural kieselguhr

Active Ingredient:

silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth)
ECHA Article 95 (2) EC (No) 528/2012
baua reg. no. N-66843 | CAS no.: 61790-53-2


Spread AniForte® Mite-STOP powder sparingly in the animal's fur against the grain of the coat. Mites and other parasites are effectively kept away and existing parasites are repelled. In case of a heavy infestation, the treatment should be repeated after 2 - 3 days. As a preventive measure, the treatment can be carried out every 14 days.

The application is harmless for animals and humans. Therefore you can continue to touch your animal without hesitation!

Note: Use biocides safely! Please read the product information before use. Avoid eye contact!
Store in a cool and dry place for an unlimited period of time.