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Organic Coconut Oil - AniForte UK
Organic Coconut Oil - AniForte UK
Organic Coconut Oil - AniForte UK

Organic Coconut Oil

For energy metabolism & coat care

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Up to 53 % lauric acid content

Not refined, deodorised or hardened

Raw & food quality

From controlled organic cultivation

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Size:400 ml
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Organic coconut oil for dogs and cats consists of 100% virgin coconut oil from certified organic cultivation and is ideal for the daily supplementary feeding of your pet. Through gentle cold pressing, it is also in raw food quality and retains all the important ingredients, such as lauric acid.

Benefits of Organic coconut oil:

✔ 100% natural coconut oil from controlled organic cultivation

✔ Up to 53% lauric acid content

✔ Careful cold pressing for food grade quality

✔ Popular as a feed supplement and coat care product

How does our Organic coconut oil work?

Our coconut oil consists of 100% natural coconut oil and can be fed orally. The high-quality product has a solid consistency at room temperature, the melting point is about 20 - 25 degrees Celsius. For feeding, it can be given in solid or liquid form.

Due to the gentle cold pressing, the ingredients are almost completely preserved. The oil has a lauric acid content of up to 53%. In addition, the medium-chain fatty acids contained are important for the energy metabolism of your four-legged friend. The good digestibility also supports the immune system.

AniForte® organic coconut oil for cats and dogs is not refined, deodorised or hardened. This means that the intensive taste and smell of fresh coconuts are completely preserved.



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