Organic Coconut Sticks
Organic Coconut Sticks
Organic Coconut Sticks
Organic Coconut Sticks
Organic Coconut Sticks

Organic Coconut Sticks

100% natural snack for dogs

Organic coconut

Without cereals & additives

As a treat or reward

Valuable fatty acids

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Size:500 g
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Our Organic Coconut Sticks for dogs are 100% pure coconut flakes from controlled organic cultivation. They are gently pressed into handy bites and air-dried without artificial additives. The result is natural and crunchy chewing fun, for dogs and horses. The sticks are nutritious and provide carbohydrates, protein, minerals and fibre.

Benefits of Organic Coconut Sticks

✔ Crispy & crunchy - natural reward for dogs and horses

✔ Made from 100% pure coconut flakes

✔ Best organic quality from Sri Lanka

✔ Without cereals and artificial additives

✔ Small & convenient - easy to break and ideal for on the go

How does Organic Coconut Sticks work?

Organic Coconut Sticks are gently produced and pressed into an exotic and tasty snack for in between meals - completely without artificial additives. Thanks to their crunchy texture, they are particularly practical, fit in any jacket pocket, do not crumble or fall apart and are easy to share by hand. The treats can be given as a reward or during training.

Coconut has gained great popularity and favour amongst dog and horse owners. It contains a number of minerals, amino acids and vitamins and is known for its lauric acid content, which is known to have a positive effect on coat and skin quality. All in all, the fruit flesh of the coconut has many positive properties and is highly accepted by dogs and horses.