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Organic Rose Hips - AniForte UK
Organic Rose Hips - AniForte UK
Organic Rose Hips - AniForte UK
Organic Rose Hips - AniForte UK

Organic Rose Hips

Support for the immune system and joints

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For joint function & immune system

Natural ingredients for maintaining health

Organic quality

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Organic Rosehips is a high-quality product that contributes to your horse's daily nutrition. It supports a balanced diet and, thanks to its natural substances, can maintain the health of horses, such as supporting joint function and the immune system.

Benefits of Organic Rosehips?

✓ Supports normal joint function

✔ Suitable for maintaining the immune system

✔ Rosehips in raw food quality from controlled organic cultivation

How does Organic Rosehips work?

Organic rosehips consist of 100 % whole rosehip fruits. These are of raw food quality and come from controlled, organic cultivation. After harvesting, the fruits are gently dried to preserve all the essential nutrients.

These rose fruits are a traditional household and natural remedy that is said to have numerous positive properties. The fruits are said to not only maintain a normal immune system, but also contribute to general health. Rosehips can also support normal joint function.

The purely natural substances in an ideal ratio of fruit flesh to stone make AniForte® Organic Rosehips a product of the highest quality. It enjoys a high level of acceptance and can easily be mixed into your horse's daily feed.


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