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Rose Hip Powder - AniForte UK
Rose Hip Powder - AniForte UK
Rose Hip Powder - AniForte UK
Rose Hip Powder - AniForte UK

Rose Hip Powder

Support immune system & joints

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For immune system & health maintenance

Supports the joints

Ideal pulp-to-seed ratio

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Size:1 kg

Rosehip powder is a product for the daily feeding of your horse as required. It supports a balanced diet and has a positive influence on supporting the normal immune system and maintaining general health.

Benefits of Rose Hip Powder

✓ Supports normal joint function

✔ Contributes to the maintenance of the immune system

✔ High quality due to high shell content

How does Rose Hip Powder work?

Rosehip powder for horses consists of the fine particles of rosehip peel. Rosehip fruit is a traditional household and natural remedy that is said to have numerous positive properties. These fruits are not only said to support the normal immune system, but also have a positive effect on the general health of your favourite.

The natural antioxidant vitamin C is also found in large quantities in the red fruits. The vitamin helps to boost the immune system. In addition, studies have shown that the vitamin helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and supports normal joint function.


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