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Shiny Coat - AniForte UK
Shiny Coat - AniForte UK
Shiny Coat - AniForte UK

Shiny Coat

Support of the coat metabolism

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Maintaining healthy skin & coat

Shine & vitality

Natural substances & vitamin C

Brewer's yeast, rose hip, milk thistle, seaweed, diatomaceous earth

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AniForte® Shiny Coat provides optimum care for normal coat growth thanks to its proven natural substances. The valuable mixture gives your horse's coat and skin a vital lustre and also helps to maintain the immune system.

Benefits of Shiny Coat

✓ Helps to maintain healthy skin and coat

✔ Shiny coat - from mane to tail

✔ Natural product for the daily care of your horse

How does Shiny Coat work?

The brewer's yeast contained in AniForte® Shiny Coat is a proven natural product. It can favour normal coat metabolism and contribute to a vital and healthy coat with a radiant appearance. This effect is further enhanced by the added rose hip peel. This gives your horse's coat a new lustre - from mane to tail.

The rose hip peel also has a positive effect on the horse's ability to walk, as it supports normal joint function. The naturally occurring vitamin C in the rose hip peel contributes to the normal activity of the immune system.

Thanks to the gentle processing of the raw materials, the product is of a high quality and is particularly suitable as a daily feed supplement for your horse. It also enjoys a high level of acceptance, which is why it can easily be mixed into the daily feed.


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