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A Long, Healthy, and Happy Life Through Daily Care

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Proper daily care habits

Support your furry friend with the proper care for eyes, ears, paws and teeth. With our natural care products you are perfectly equipped and can really spoil your dog.

Especially during autumn and winter, the paws, but also the eyes and ears of our dogs are getting stressed more by external influences such as rain, snow and cold than in the warmer seasons.

Let’s start with the dog paws. Heavy use can cause sensitive dog paws to dry out and crack.

How can we properly clean and care for the paws?

Check the paws: It is very important to check your dog’s paws regularly. Check very closely, especially after long walks, games, or a city trip. Check if there are foreign objects such as spikes, wood, stones or even glass splinters hiding in or around the paws. Ticks can also bite between the dog’s toes and should of course be removed as soon as possible.

Clean paws: After the check, clean the paws, including the spaces between them. Lukewarm water or cleaning cloths, such as AniForte Care Wipes, our particularly tear-resistant and hypoallergenic cloths, are suitable. Cleaning also removes residues that are not visible, such as antifreeze, pesticides, or fertilizers.

Caring for paws: Sensitive dog paws can dry out and become cracked as a result of heavy use or external influences. AniForte Paw Protection Balm cares for sensitive dog paws in a natural way. The paw balm prevents dehydration by keeping the paws soft and supple. The balm also protects against snow and road salt in winter.

Eye Care: Eye care for our dogs is also very important and can prevent possible eye diseases. With a little practice, daily care quickly becomes a habit, and your darling can be pampered with the little care ritual.

The area around the dog’s eyes is sensitive by nature and therefore even small thing like dust and dirt, can irritate their eyes or even cause an infection.

How can we clean and care for our dogs’ eyes?

Check your dog’s eyes every day to identify possible issues early on. An eye disease or injury can often be recognised by red eyes, increased tear flow or slight mucus formation.

Regular eye cleaning after the check is just as important. AniForte Eye Cleaning Pads for removing dirt and tear stains will work well for this task. The pads are for external use and can be usedfor sensitive or young dogs.

Keep your dog’s eyes clean with AniForte Gentle Eye Care Drops. Our special recipe with the natural ingredients of eyebright treats the eyelids and lid edges for dirt, encrustations and secretions without irritating the animals’ sensitive eyes. The care products are intended for external use only and should not get into the inside of the dog’s eyes.

Proper and regular ear care is very important for various reasons. In general, your dog’s ears are self-cleaning through the formation of cerumen / earwax and the small protective hairs inside the ear canals. Even so, dog ears can be prone to dirt build-up for a variety of reasons.

How can we clean and care for our dogs’ ears?

Check regularly. If your dog shakes his head more than usual or scratches his ear, there is a possibility that a foreign object has gotten into the ear. Also, ear infections can be detected at an early stage through regular check-ups.

Clean the ears: We recommend using AniForte Ear Cleaning Pads. Under no circumstances should you use cotton swabs. The ear cleaning pads with soothing aloe vera clean and care for sensitive dog and cat ears in a natural way. Dirt particles and earwax can be gently removed.

Caring for your dog's ears: After cleaning, support your dogs’ ears with gentle ear cleaner. The liquid ear cleaner helps against itching and gently cares for the ears with soothing camomile.

Healthy teeth are very important for dogs. To strengthen your dog’s teeth, proper and sufficient dental care is essential. Many pet owners still do not understand the importance of proper dental care, which causes many dogs to suffer. Toothache or inflamed gums are not only very painful for us, but also for our dogs. However, since our dogs only express "pain" very late, so it's our job to maintain good oral health for your dog.

How can we clean and care for dog teeth?

Check the teeth: Check your dog’s teeth regularly. You can quickly see whether your dog has tartar, plaque or red gums by simply looking into his mouth. You can also recognise injuries quickly and, if necessary, consult a veterinarian.

Clean the teeth: There are different ways to clean your dog’s teeth. You can use special toothbrushes or our Denta Clean & Care Finger Pads to easily remove plaque and deposits. With regular cleaning, you can easily improve the oral hygiene of your furry friend by preventing plaque and promoting fresh breath. In addition to the active cleaning, provide your dog with special chews and toys to support dental health.

Caring for teeth and gums: In addition to cleaning, you can take care of your dog’s teeth and gums over the long term with natural additives. AniForte® Denta Clean & Care Powder can help to naturally clean and care for your pet’s teeth and gums with the daily food intake.

As dog owners we should take the care of our animals very seriously as this is the only way our furry friends can lead a long, healthy, and happy life.

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